A marketer's pursuit in living a meaningful life

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Give People the Authority to Share Your Message


We all have a story to tell. Whether your a business with the desire to make a sale or an individual who wants to spread the message of something she cares about, knowing how to spread your story is what it all comes down to. It is a well known fact that word of mouth is the most powerful form of referral. It adds credibility to our story that we could not create on our own. Having someone else...

Framing: The Power of Approach


There are two kinds of people in this world: People who understand the power of framing and those that don’t know about the principle of framing. That right there is a frame in and of itself. I painted the picture of two types of people and you applied which one best suited you. The frame is the stance and approach we take when presenting information. We can approach the same topic multiple ways...

Judge Books By Their Cover: The Power of First Impressions


First impressions matter. It defines the starting point. If you have ever wanted to inspire, excite, motivate, or influence anyone to do anything, then you better pay attention to your first impression. It’s called the first impression because it is the first of many impressions we will make. If the first one is good, we’ll have the opportunity to make many more. If the first one is bad, we have...

A marketer's pursuit in living a meaningful life

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