A marketer's pursuit in living a meaningful life

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A marketer's pursuit in living a meaningful life

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Is Ignorance Bliss?

Is ignorance bliss? It’s an age old adage, but is it really true? To get to the bottom of this question, we have to break down the two main components: Ignorance & Bliss. First let’s dissect ignorance. What is it? It is to have a lack of knowledge. To be unaware is to be truly ignorant. To have no idea that something exist. So we are either unaware or aware. Ignorant or knowledgeable...

Similar But Different Enough

Similar but different enough. This simple principle resonates throughout marketing, business, and life. If you want to make progress in any aspect, it has to be similar enough for people to relate to, but different enough that is it desired. Let’s look how this principle can be applied to our lives and the world around us. First we’ll look at our personal lives. I’m currently obsessed with habits...

Finding My Mantra

What are your practices on a day-to-day level, and what should your progress look like year-to-year? Most importantly, how do you stay strong and maintain the practice for years and years, not four days? After you’ve thought that through, name the framework and make a symbol or mantra. questions supplied by Tim Urban Day to day my practices will focus on a few areas, mind, body, and soul. For my...

My Life Path

What’s the goal that you want to evolve towards (and why is that the goal), what does the path look like that gets you there, what’s in your way, and how do you overcome those obstacles? questions supplied by Tim Urban The goal I want to evolve towards. Is it as simple as happiness? Maybe it’s acceptance. No, that goal is easy to reach. Acceptance by the right group? I don’t think that’s it...

The Marketing Trait No One Talks About: Empathy

Today I went shopping for a mattress. The first store I went into ended up being my last. Not because I walked out of there with a mattress, but because I was treated like a cardboard cutout. The salesman that decided to help me when I walked into the store knew exactly what he was going to say and do the entire time I was there. I imagine he read every sales manual given to him by the company...

The First Entry

1001 words a day. What is that going to look like? Why am I doing it? Should they be edited or not? How will writing for an audience change what I write about and how I write it? Will I write anything worthy of an audience? How long will I do these daily writings? How will my writing transform over that period? How unfiltered and transparent should I be? Should I stay anonymous? Should I market...

A marketer's pursuit in living a meaningful life

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