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The First Entry


1001 words a day. What is that going to look like? Why am I doing it? Should they be edited or not? How will writing for an audience change what I write about and how I write it? Will I write anything worthy of an audience? How long will I do these daily writings? How will my writing transform over that period? How unfiltered and transparent should I be? Should I stay anonymous? Should I market this blog? If I did, what would I do?

These are the questions going through my mind late at night knowing the next day I’ll be writing my first entry. I’m undertaking this project for two reasons. First and foremost, it will selfishly be a place where I can self-reflect and improve my writing skill. Second, in today’s digital age everything is filtered to a point of losing authenticity. My generation has been plagued with social media; platforms that holds a judgmental mirror back onto the viewers’ lives. I believe by creating a space where I offer a transparent stream of thought every day, others will feel liberated to participate in true self-expression. A lofty goal. We’ll see what happens.

Is this problem that social media created worth solving and am I in a position fix it? I don’t think this problem will be solved. Not in the near future. I think we’ve already gone too far and the damage has been done. As for being in a position to fix it, I don’t believe I am. At least not on a grand scale. But I can no longer sit idly by watching my peers eat away at each other for an ego boost. I’m standing up. I’m deciding to care a little more.

How do I even start this undertaking? Perhaps by forgetting about it. If I focus on delivering unfiltered and raw content, I’ll lead by example. Perhaps I need keep my goals in mind. Strive to hit them every day with every 1001 words. I think this question will be answered naturally as the days go by. I’ll find my groove. My voice. My muse. Maybe it won’t be that easy though. This might be a grueling project that takes up hours of my time each day. What will I do if I discover that is the case? I’ll keep writing. Some days I might produce only a few hundred words worth reading. Other days, hopefully more.

Let’s talk about hope. It has played a key role in progressing civilization forward from the origin of humans. To be able to imagine a better world tomorrow allows us to work harder today. Hope gets us by. But hope is bottomless. It is selfish. There is no basis for hope to actually follow through. It is a cop out. “I hope you get well soon.” That’s great you have a desire for them to feel better, but what are you actually doing to help them make that progress besides just voicing your opinion? Stop hoping, start doing. What can you do now to help them get well sooner? Bring them a cup of tea, fluff their pillow, or tell them a joke. Giving them 5 minutes of your time is leagues above hoping.

This principle can also be applied to our own lives. What, I’m just going to hope that some days I write better content? That’s not going to get me to write better content. What can I do now to help make sure that happens? By reading more. The more content I consume from various creators, the more educated my position will be to produce meaningful work. I could also keep a healthy body and a healthy mind. Keeping my body properly fed will allow it to work at its greatest capacity. Finally, I can limit my barriers to creativity. Develop a space with minimal distractions. A space I feel comfortable with self-expression and free of judgement.

Now that I’m no longer hoping I produce better content but I’m actively working towards improving it, what’s next? What if I fail? No one reads what I produce, or the ones that do take nothing away. I guess that is what I’ve labeled as failure in this context. Fortunately for me failure does not scare me. Failure is a tool for learning by doing. Those who fail are more likely to succeed in the future compared to those who never try. Let’s take that failure to the extreme: 6 months from now a minimal amount of people have seen what I produce here and the ones that do dislike it. How will my life look then? Well, I will have written over 180,000 words more than I would have not pursuing this project. I believe only good things can come from that. My writing, delivery, and thought process will all improve. I’ll be more grounded with myself. Therefore, regardless of the work I pick up following this project, it will be coming from a better place.

If there is anything that a reader takes away from this post or any hereafter, it’s that writing is a tool for personal development. I feel jaded by my teachers growing up that none of them ever taught me that. Writing was always a process for assignments. If one of my teachers ever stopped to tell the class that sitting down with a pen and paper is one of the greatest ways to self-reflect and process surface level thoughts to develop more meaningful ones, I would be a different person for it today. However, it is never too late to start. The beautiful thing about writing is that it does not have to be public like what I’m doing here. It can be for your eyes only. This frees you to write whatever you desire. You can process your strangest, wildest thoughts and ideas free from the shackles of peer approval. I guess that’s a third reason I’m undertaking this project, to show others the power of writing.

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A marketer's pursuit in living a meaningful life

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